The idea for a technicians association in the heartland kept coming up whenever technicians from this area got together, and that was the case at the Texas EVT Conference in 2007.  After exchanging business cards and names I sent out an email asking for input.  I immediately received responses from several fleet managers.  A meeting was set in Wichita, Kansas.  Robert Sanders from the Oklahoma EVT group came to the meeting and walked us through the process of forming an association.  Officers where voted in and so the Heartland Emergency Apparatus Technicians Association (HEAT) was born.  

Training of EVTs is one of the primary missions of HEAT and HEAT is proud to offer a training sessions twice each year.  To attend the training you do not have to be a member of HEAT.  Currently the association has around 30 members - most of these are departmental memberships - and around 50 technicians attend each training session.  The training offered by HEAT is supplemented by many vendors and manufactures who allow HEAT to offer quality training at reasonable costs.