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2019 Board Election Nominations

Location: Web Event Moderator: John Alden 
Nominations are being taken for the following H.E.A.T. Board Positions:  

President:  It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all Board and Organization meetings; shall have general management of the affairs of the Organization as directed by the Board; shall sign and execute all necessary contracts and documents on behalf of the Organization; and shall perform such other duties as are normally incidental to this office as may be required by the Organization.

Treasurer:  It shall be the duties of the Treasurer to keep regular books of account pertaining to the Organization and along with the President handle all financial transactions of the association. The Treasurer shall provide a report of the financial transactions of the association to the President prior to every meeting so that it can be entered into the minutes of the meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all other records and documents, making them available to the Board upon request; and shall perform all such other duties as are incidental to this office or as may be required by the Board.

Director:  The Board has three Director positions that attend Board meetings to assist in guidance of the organization.  Each Director shall be an active member of H.E.A.T.

Event Capacity: 600 3 Registered Show Spots: 597

Graham Frazier Leadership Award 2019

Location: Web Event Moderator: Boyd Powers 

Registration for Graham Frazier Leadership Award.  See the complete rules on the HEAT website: Graham Frazier Leadership Award Criteria

Event Capacity: 50 1 Registered Show Spots: 49
08/26/2019 - 08/30/2019

2019 Fall Conference Training

Location: Overland Park Fire Training Center Moderator: Boyd Powers 
HEAT Fall Training conference will be held Aug. 26-30 at the Overland Park Fire Training Center. 
--- Class list and schedule will be out soon ---
$ 299
Event Capacity: 80 Registered Show Spots: 80