Robby (on left) receiving award from Bill Hills, previous HEAT PresidentCongratulations to Robby Malkames, Assistant Fleet Supervisor - City of Overland Park, who was awarded the 2013 Graham Frazier Leadership Award at the 2013 H.E.A.T. Fall Training Conference.  The Graham Frazier Leadership Award given to the H.E.A.T. E.V.T. of the Year. Graham was a founding member of H.E.A.T. who passed away at the age of 44. The recipient has to be an E.V.T. who closely meets what Graham stood for Learning, Teaching, Community Involvement, and Family. “Robby embodies all of these qualities,” said Bill Hills, Fleet Supervisor - City of Overland Park.

Applications are being taken currently for the 2014 Graham Frazier Leadership Award.  Please check the critiria and nomination instructions on the website.